Bedford’s Massage Cabin

Specialising in the treatment of aches, pains, and sporting injuries, as well as massages to de-stress, unwind, and relax.

Hello, my name is Martin and welcome to the Massage Cabin in Oakley, Bedford. Here, I aim to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment where I can ease your aches and pains. As you can see from the images this is the perfect setting to do this – I have kept the wood bare and hangings minimal which really gives it a warm and cosy glow – most people are surprised by just how relaxing it is.

I call my type of massage Massage for All because I aim to treat people from every walk of life. Many  of the people who visit me have had an ache or pain of some sort for years. It could be lower back or neck pain, caused by a variety of situations such as: stress, computer work, sleeping awkwardly, sports or a fall. That’s why when you come to the Massage Cabin for the first time I will do a full assessment and really get to know you and try to find out how this problem first arose so I can find the best way to treat it effectively – often the problem is not the muscle that hurts but the muscles surrounding it.

Many active people, who do a variety of sports (from running, martial arts, swimming, to golf) come here too. This can be for a massage to keep muscles working optimally by relaxing them and getting rid of knots or for an injury or niggle which is just not going away. Either way the process is the same and a full assessment will determine your needs.

By far the best reason to come and see me is prevention. You know your mother told you that ‘prevention is better than a cure’? – It’s the same with muscles, keep them relaxed and toned and you are less likely to develop long term problems or injuries. For example, if you sit in a chair all day then you will likely experience upper back and neck pain or lower back and hip pain. This will gradually get worse and gradually change your posture. A massage can release the tension to help you keep your body upright and moving optimally and freely. Or maybe you just have a busy life, deserve a massage and want to treat yourself. Well, that’s fine too!

So, whether you need a massage now or in the future please feel free to get in touch with me and discuss your needs – I’ve even helped everyday athletes set new Personal Bests! If you want to know how then get in touch.

Massage prices

45 minute initial consultation       £25
30 minutes                                       £25
45 minutes                                       £35
60 minutes                                       £45
20 minutes*                                      £16 

* upper back & neck chair massage

07951 255228